Sales are improving!

Ever since the start of January 2009, I myself have noticed a huge increase in Buyer activity. My listings alone had 5-10 showings in just a week. It was a huge improvement over the last few months! Better yet, I’ve even start seeing offers coming in. I’ve talked to a few fellow Realtors, and they feel the same way as well. So activity is picking up, and I do feel that this is a good sign. To confirm my feelings, I just got an email from our board president, Dave Watt:

In January 2009, we saw an average of 38 sales per day across our Board area. As at the close of business on February 17, we’re averaging 77 sales per day for the month! February is typically a busier month for sales than January. Nonetheless, I thought you would appreciate this update. Keep up the great work!

Hesitant buyers, start your engines~!