Ghost Train in Vancouver!

Tired of the old routine of trick-or-treating? Tired of kids ringing your door bell and watching other people have fun? Well, you could accompany Alice and hold onto your head as you travel down the rabbit hole into a dark forest filled with demonic playing cards, a disturbed Caterpillar and a Queen with an axe to grind.

Climb aboard this year’s Stanley Park Hallowe’en Ghost Train.  Since 1999, the Ghost Train has been an annual tradition for thousands of families craving thrills and excitement. Reinventing itself each year with new themes, sets, costumes and many more surprises conjured up by the creative team at Mortal Coil Performance Society, the Ghost Train is a uniquely wonderful and fun experience every trick-or-treat season. Get the full information HERE.

Just writing about this is getting me excited about taking that ride!